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Translation of Technical Texts

Language combinations: English > German, Spanish > German

Among others I'm specialized in:


Industry 4.0

Production technology

Automation and robotics

Renewable Energy

Mobile Apps

Online Casino & Sports betting

Waste Technology

Wastewater Treatment


Certified translations

I do certified translations for the language combinations English <> German, Spanish <> German, English <> Spanish. You usually need this in court or for submission to other authorities. You can recognize certified translations by the certification note, the certification stamp and the signature of the translator, which confirms that the present translation was made correctly and completely in accordance with the document submitted (original or copy).

Examples of certified translations:

Official documents
Birth certificate, marriage certificate, death certificate
Diploma, references
Notarial instrument
Acknowledgement of paternity/ maternity
Certificate of good conduct/ police clearance certificate
Other certificates

Translation of technical and scientific texts

These texts require knowledge of one or more specialist areas, as well as mastery of specific terminology. I work with the CAT tool "Across" and can thus guarantee quality, precision and terminological coherence.




I’m specialized in the following areas:

  • Renewable energy
  • Energy industry and energy production
  • Mechanical engineering: Automation and robotics, production technology, hydraulics and pneumatics, process engineering
  • Waste technology, recycling, wastewater (treatment)
  • Mobile applications

Translation of general texts

Simple texts, which are easy to understand and which 
aim to reach a wide audience. 

For example:

  • A simple brochure
  • Economical texts
  • Press articles
  • Blog articles
  • Interviews
  • Travel brochure
  • Website translation

Each text has to be assessed individually. Therefore you will not find any general price information here. The pricing is based, for example, on the quality of the certificate or its legibility, the difficulty of the text (general text, technical text, specific vocabulary) and the scope of the order.

Just send me an e-mail and attach the documents to be translated and I will send you a free, non-binding offer.